Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have a blog now. I'll be using this blog mostly to rant about things that people generally don't want to hear about. So on that note, WELCOME.

My first batch of beer finished brewing today and on the whole it was a failure. Well, not exactly a failure, but not really a party-in-your-mouth sort of sensation. Still, for my first time brewing beer from scratch (grains, water, hops, yeast, sugar, none of this 'kit' stuff) I'm fairly satisfied with the stuff. The good thing about my beer is that it only takes one week to brew because I make it on such a micro scale (only 5 liters at a time) and have developed a method to merge the traditional primary and secondary stages of fermentation into a single stage. So I think with a little tweaking I could get a pretty inexpensive small scale brewing operation going. . . (if my motivation lasts).

So far the problems are as follows:

1) Carbonation is pretty weak.
2) Beer has bits of grain in it and is cloudy.
3) Alcohol Content is a little lower that I would like (It is currently at 3.5% ABV, about the same as a XXXX Gold)

Fortunately I know how I'm going to fix these problems for the next batch and I'll let you know how it all goes.

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