Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day #13 - To Pokhara

Due to much disorganization at the worksite there was not much work we could do with the materials at hand. We used this fact to our advantage and requested a day off so that we could travel to Pokhara for the weekend. Everyone was happy to oblige, even suggesting that we take monday off too, and our host helped us book the bus.

In Nepal there are 2 types of buses: Public buses (people hanging out the door, goats everywhere, sacks of potatoes in the aisles); and Tourist buses (less goats). You could call the bus we caught from Chitawan to Pokhara either an 'upmarket public bus' or a 'run-down tourist bus'. Either way, 5-6 hours on a bus is never too fun.

Fortunately the destination proved worth the journey. Pokhara reminds me of Byron Bay: it's touristy, sells a large variety of artwork and handmade goods, and is next to water (in this case it's a lake). The general vibe here is relaxed and friendly and is probably the most 'westerner-friendly' place in Nepal I've visited so far. I'm glad that my trip can combine weekend trips to places like Chitawan National Park and Pokhara where I can enjoy hot water and western bathrooms yet I can still experience the 'real Nepal' through the week at the rural Parsha.

We went to a lively bar called 'busy bee' and met some friendly English travelers. (the shisha pipe was fun ^^)

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