Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nepal - Day #10

Despite having missed a day of work for Shiva's birthday we had been progressing very well work-wise. We'd shoveled gravel into 3 classroom bays and filled one of them with rocks. Today the skilled worker would arrive and give us further instruction.

The skilled worker arrived and told us that we had drastically overfilled all 3 bays with gravel. Essentially we now had to undo all of the work we'd done so far. I was angry; at the people who told us to fill the bay to the original height, at myself for not realizing the error, and - unreasonably - at the skilled worker for delivering the news.

I don't like past-orientated anger - it's pointless and childish. Yet somehow I would have liked nothing better at that point than to have had a rage; and tantrum.

Needless to say, work today was uninspired and seemed harder than usual.

Daal Baht was particularly good today, or, rather, being served daal baht was good. I am, you see, becoming increasingly smitted with Ansita, the young cook and all-round domestic goddess here at the school. She can't really speak english and probably has a Nepalese arranged marriage lined up but if you feed me delicious food and look attractive then all of that is soon forgotten.

In the afternoon we wandered into town for supplies -  my supplies consisted of a family-sized block of Cadbury chocolate - and in the evening we sat on the roof with candles and looked at the stars.

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