Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nepal - Day #11

Today marked the second day of un-doing our first weeks work. It was a grind. Although I'd love to say that my spirit of goodwill overcame the frustrations and pains of the work I must admit that the day went slowly and was a chore.

In other news my facial hair growth experiment (don't shave for the duration of the trip) is yielding abysmal results. My chin and upper lip hair is thin, light in colour, and just very disappointing. There is a small, vain, part of me that wants to abort the mission just in case I meet my dream girl on the weekend only to discover that she has an aversion to feeble facial hair growth. Since I'm planning on heading to Pokhara on the weekend having a shave is become a serious consideration. Writing less in my blog about embarrassing facial hair concerns is also becoming a serious consideration. 

I took a 3hour nap in the afternoon and had an early night - Party animal.

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