Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nepal - Day #4 - Kathmandu/Chitwan

Today we got up at 5:30am to get to Kathmandu so that we could catch the bus to Chitawan. The bus ride was long (6 hours) but we stopped for lunch (daal baht or course) along the way.

The school in Chitawan (or more preciesly 'parsha') is lovely, as is the rest of the landscape in Chitawan. Unlike Kathmandu there are many trees in Chitawan and it is common to see fields of grain and vegetables.

On arriving at the school Guy and I were bombarded with excited children who fired questions at us in astonishingly well spoken English. Because both Guy and I have long hair they think we are rock-stars and actors; they also call us 'sir'.

We played volleyball with the kids and were amazed at their skill level. They play better than most of us did back at school (in grade 12) and they are, on average, about 8 years old. One boy called 'Ramesh' became particularly attached to me and promptly declared that I was his best friend. He followed me around all afternoon, it was kinda nice.

We wandered into the village and had a beer and then came back to endure a daal baht thats heat rivaled the sun. Lava wishes that it was as hot as this daal baht. . . ok, so it probably wasn't that hot but still, far too 'piro' ('spicy' in Nepalise) for me. Other than that it was definitely the tastiest ('mitho') daal baht I'd had since being in Nepal.

<----- That's daal baht. We ate it twice a day, everyday.

It's quite warm in Chitawan, t-shirt and shorts weather.

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