Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nepal - Day #6 - Chitawan National Park

Although a little sore from the previous day's work I awoke motivated to finish the gravel shoveling task so that we could go to the Chitawan National Park on the weekend and relax.

In an effort to avoid muscle pain I adapted to shoveling left-handed and now consider myself and ambidextrous shoveler - My personal development has already begun! Like the previous day the children were keen to help and did so seemingly oblivious to the heat. It feels like an Australian summer here it Chitawan except that it is cold at night.

We finished the shoveling slightly early and the children and I celebrated by doing flips into the sandy pile of excess gravel. - I took photos.

We talked to Ramu (one of our hosts) about Chitawan and he said he knew a good place to stay; he even offered to take us there on his motorbike. The offer was too good to refuse so we piled all 3 of us onto the back of his motorbike and head off for the Chitawan National park.

The place that Ramu suggested was certainly very nice. It seemed quite apparent that the owner of the hotel and Ramu had come to some sort of agreement when we discovered that the previous volunteers had come to the same place. Nevertheless we couldn't have chosen better on our own. Ramu had mistakenly (or perhaps not so mistakenly. . ) organized us the deluxe suites consisting of a television (rare), a queen sized bed (rarer still), and a bathroom with a western toiled and 24hr hot water (practically unheard of in Nepal).

After a meal of vegetable mo-mo's (if you haven't tried these you should, they are amazing) we set out to explore the town. We found a roof-top bar with a five hour 'happy-hour' with 'buy one get one free' cocktails. When converted back to AUD's this is ludicrously cheap.

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