Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nepal - Day #7 - Chitawan National Park - Nature walk

Today was a big day. I went on a nature walk in the national park in the hopes that I would have a close (but not too close) encounter with some of the local animals. We did a round trip of about 8kms and I saw plenty of spotted deer and one rhino. The rhino was a male so we couldn't get too close, so we took photo's from afar.

Guy had been elephant riding and we both finished at around midday to sit and chat with the hotel manager. The hotel manager had quite and enthusiasm for marijuana and hash, which he called his 'herbal medicine's'. He explained that a hindi festival in celebration of Lord Shiva was approaching where the police turned a blind eye to the drug laws and everyone smokes marijuana and hash in praise of the Gods. Our manager had obviously started celebrating quite early and was keen to sell us some 'medicine'. Not this time though.

I took a 3hr nap in the afternoon and we again head into the town for cheap cocktails.