Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#45 - Screaming at the Moon.

I've just come back from visiting some friends and family on the Sunshine Coast. The highlight of my trip was yelling at the moon with a close friend. I'll explain:

I've always had a curious sort of nature. I get an immense satisfaction from experiencing new things, new ideas, and new people. It feels like the best type of self development - Every time I have a new experience I become a more rich and interesting person, even if the experience isn't pleasant. Experiences can also be the most direct path to knowledge provided that you manage to have a 'pure' experience uninhibited by expectations or prejudice. I plan to eventually write extensively about how 'experience seeking' is an essential brick on the road to happiness because while other (perhaps more novel ideas) have come and gone my intuition that experiences are inherently valuable has been one of the most enduring sentiments I've ever had. 

Anyway. My close friend that I was visiting shares my passion for experiencing new things so we always seem to have memorable times together. This time was no exception. I remember realizing about 6 months ago that I couldn't remember the last time that I had yelled as loud as I possibly could. . . It occurred to me that I'd probably never tried to do this at all. For some reason this fact thoroughly irritated me. Why hadn't I done this before? Probably because I'd never been brave enough to do it (people might come running to investigate the noise), or maybe because I'd never been given a reason to yell like that. Both excuses, however, seem equally pitiful. 

So why did I want to yell like this so badly? To me the desire seems obvious, but not everyone understands so I'll try to explain. If I am going to be spending a lot of time on this earth (which I plan to do) I want to know as much about myself as I can. The more I know about myself the more informed my choices will be about how to best live my life. And the only way to know more about myself is to ask more questions. When asking more questions about myself there is no question too small that I will try and answer. And today's question was simply:

What does it feel like to yell as loud as your body will allow?

I posed this question to my friend and he didn't know either. But he wanted to find out as passionately as I did so we set out to find a memorable spot to try it. We were walking along the beach at the time and we found a large circle of sandcastles. Within that circle of sandcastles was another circle of sandcastles and then a smaller circle again. It looked like a miniature arena - Perfect. 

The moon was almost full and brilliantly bright and I was filled with anticipation and adrenaline. And I yelled. I forced out the loudest yell I could manage and felt my throat burn with the effort.
My friend did the same. It was supremely satisfying and. . . .  not nearly as loud as I'd hoped. I'd expected a sort of 'DRAGON-SHOUT' style, 120 Decibel plus, gargantuan bellow but maybe I'd expected too much. Nevertheless I'm so glad I tried it and I encourage you all to go and do it for yourself.

( ^^ It was like this. But better)
I plan to continue my search for new experiences; things that I can do that will teach me things about myself that maybe I haven't done simply because people might think that it's strange or pointless. Have you got any ideas?


  1. Make your very own music video to a song you love [ not for youtube popularity but just for musical fun and editorial challenges]. This works as great birthday gift for close friends, btw ;p