Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nepal - Day 16 - Pokhara to Chitawan

The bus trip from Pokhara back to Chitawan wasn't much fun. My allocated seat on the bus had a back that would spring back and forth on the tiniest of bumps. Apart from feeling like an unwilling passenger on the world's shittest rollercoaster it also made a loud creak every time it moved (which turned out to be about once every second over the 5hr trip). I tried to sleep but the seat kept talking to me - It had nothing interesting to say. In fact it had a limited vocabulary and was rather repetitive. 

I endured that contraption for about the first 3 hours until I got an opportunity too good to miss - a chance to move from the worst seat on the bus to the second worse! This seat was in the back row and had an opposing problem to seat-horror number one. The seats in the back row had no tilt function whatsoever and remained in their (very) upright position.

*this days journal entry ended ubruptly here. . . recalling the seat and writing about it probably rendered me far too annoyed to continue writing*

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