Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nepal - Day 18 - Parsha

I spared you the details of my illness yesterday (sort of) but needless to say I couldn't make it to work. Today, however, I was keen and chirpy.

This weeks work is erecting the concrete pillars. The skilled worker prepares the foundations for the pillars and Guy and I mix the cement and pass it to him. It's repetitive work but it's far less strenuous then shoveling so feels like a breeze by comparison. Often the children will come and help us in their lunch break, forming a sort of production line passing the large bowls full of cement back and forth.

The evening was fairly standard - Guy and I wandered into the village. He had some beers, I had a fanta. The power went out at 6pm (or so) and we all went to bed early. All in all it was a good - albeit a noneventful - sort of day.

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