Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nepal - Day 22 - Chitawan

You'd think that after an eventful day and a night of drinking that I'd sleep like a log - I didn't. My sleep was on and off and not in the least bit revitalizing. It was probably the sleep deprivation that made my hangover today so dreadful.

For breakfast I had a plate of scrambled nausea gulped down with a steaming cup of pain. I followed that with several hours lying about pondering self-termination and at about 3pm (when I felt almost human again) we caught a taxi back to the school in Parsha.

The evening was a little odd. I had my second bout of homesickness and it hit me hard. I spent a lot of time on the roof my myself and a lot of time whinging to Guy. In retrospect my worries at the time were petty (lost car and scooter keys/financial situation etc) but an accurate account of my Nepal experience deserves the mention of the aporia I felt this night.

It did not help that the daal baht served this evening had graduated from the class of 'uncomfortable' into 'painful' territory. I was not a happy chappy.

It's uncharacteristic for me to stay in a bad mood for long and this time it was Guy that helped to lift my spirits. He shares a similar sense of humor to me and he couldn't have picked a better night for joke telling. 3 Jokes I'll take home to Australia with me.

1) Vicious Circle (Just ask)

2) Dead Thing (again, just ask)
3) A man walks into a bar with his pet giraffe. He orders a drink and the giraffe curls up on the floor asleep. The bartender quips while pointing to the animal 'you can't leave just leave that lyin' there!' To which the man replies indignantly 'It's not a lion, it's a giraffe!'

^So maybe it doesn't work as well written down. :P

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