Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nepal - Day 23 & Day 24

A good night sleep and thankfully I was in good form again. With only a few days left at the school in Parsha I'd managed to communicate to the beautiful Ansita that the daal baht was too spicy. Today it was perfect, a flavorsome curry that left my taste buds attached to my tongue!

The work was again mixing and passing cement to complete the pillars and again it was fairly easy. We finished work very early again and I was itching to play some table tennis with the kids (I have some frequent rivals now) but I had to wait for them to finish school.

It turned out to be a fairly quiet afternoon, the highlight being my now ritualistic reading of the Kathmandu Post. There is a daily editorial section that I find a thoroughly good read. The articles often fun against the current of common opinion and are always on interesting and varied topis. It puts the Courier Mail to shame.

In other news the daal baht today was good - Ansita you goddess. 

^ The pillars completed.

Day 24

Nothing of interest to report.

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